Solution Papers Not in the News! Ahead of the News!

Not in the News! Ahead of the News!

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Welcome to Citizen Solutions®

Citizen Solutions® offers expert writings and complimentary or paid consultations with solutions, (Not in the News! Ahead of the News!) covering a host of topics including, but not limited to, current events, environmental issues, stopping poverty, new jobs, the economy, healthcare costs less and healthy living. Take these solutions to your telephone and contact the White House/President Donald Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, members of Congress, state legislators with these only real solutions to replace the fake solutions they have now. Learn more by contacting us with your comments and questions about real solutions for these topics and other current issues/topics. Some fake solutions, promised in the news, will not work!

Citizen Solutions® offers consultations, papers for purchase with real solutions (Not in the news!), rather than state solutions promised in the news, for current issues. Please see contact page for consulting, purchase of papers and to advertise.

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