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The most important information (Not in the News! Ahead of the News!) for you to know for your good health includes how to avoid invisible low-levels of toxicity and how to block low-levels of toxicity when they can not be avoided.

Some illnesses come from what is breathe-in and from what is absorbed through the skin. It can be ten-thousand times more toxic to breathe-in toxicity than to swallow it on a spoon. When you do not get the illness, in the first place, you save the most money you can on health care and you save time and concern in the unpaid, painful job of being ill.

Quick Easy Test

1) Are you a big gambler?

2) Is your health important to you?


If you answer,

"No" - You are not a big gambler
"Yes" - Health is important to you.

You do not know you are a very RECKLESS GAMBLER with your own health if you do not know what toxicity to avoid or block after establishing its presence, so it is not breathe-in and/or absorbed through your skin, including invisible low-levels.

BYE BYE TOXINS® - Hello Solutions and the SILVERTEST™ and the SILVERSEATS™ (on the following pages) is the most important knowledge and gift you can give yourself to avoid illness, paying and cost. Every citizen needs this to enormously lessen the cost of healthcare.

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