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There are three different options or plans for Health Care, rather than just two plans. The first plan is Obama Care, the second is President Trumps plan and the third is the Peoples Plan that is not yet written. You cannot be for the current Trump plan and be pro-life, pro wealth and pro law enforcement at the same time. Over hauling Medicare and one other item must be in the third plan, the Peoples Plan, that the President rewrites, or any other compromise or amendments will not matter. President Trumps new plan, the Peoples plan, will no longer use him as a disguise. He has not made a mistake; His advisers do not know the real issues, he does not yet have the information he needs. If President Trump wrote the new Trump Peoples Plan addressing all of the above topics, it would easily be accepted by everybody and would make him very popular.

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There are millions of Ace-in-the-Hole, Home-Grown, Home-Made, Trickle-Up new jobs within a few days, that will fix the economy and multiple current issues very quickly. These new jobs will quickly create more new jobs, in the millions, paying some new taxes and lessening the cost of healthcare. Citizens need these new jobs now in order to stop their need for entitlement programs, stop their poverty, Lessen the cost for their healthcare and more. These new jobs should be put in place immediately, rather than first spending time on airplanes citizens will not fly on and first expecting citizens without money to benefit from the stock market. This new path will widen any President's base of support and give him instant, lasting popularity. This part of the population is mistakenly, totally ignored as a missing solution and is the only part of the population that can be working within a few days, which will fix America's economy almost instantly. We should give this part of the population, no taxes on money they earn, for helping us so greatly.

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There is no money in the budget for victims of financial warfare and financial scams secretly ruining victims health and lives now, that news media has continuously refused to report. This needs to be fixed now or it is unfair to expect the solutions needed now.

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To reduce the cost of healthcare it is important for NIH to find cures for illnesses we already have. Every cure that is accomplished produces patients who no longer need treatment or care and which saves money on healthcare. Therefore the new budget is wrong and must be fixed to give NIH more money, rather than cutting the NIH funding. More money must also be put into the new budget for EPA, rather than cutting EPA funding. Illnesses from pollution cause incapacitate, breathing problems and more. With the new budget cutting EPA funding, we would not be able to overcome pollution illness to our population. We could easily not have the man power of people who are not ill, to address the pain and needs of those affected by pollution illness. Overcoming illness from pollution is very often next to impossible and people have to adjust to a limited life lifestyle with healthcare costs. With the lack off enough healthy people, in addition to the new budget wrongly cutting NIH funding, we would have a serious destruction of our entire population. This budget must be fixed now to give NIH and EPA more money so that president Trump's promise to reduce the cost of health care happens. This budget can not take away meals on wheels for the veterans, with president Trump being for the veterans. This budget can not cut federal funding to the libraries because president Trump is for education and for the disabled. The disabled must use the libraries services when they have poor vision and when they fall asleep reading a book because they are allergic to the ink and paper and more. The budget is a contradiction of what president Trump is in favor off and fixing the budget now will stop hurting his popularity. The budget must have funding for victims of financial warfare and financial scams, continuously not reported in the news and it must have funding for a Cabinet level secretary or deputy secretary for those affected.

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Nutrition is individual specific. People are now denied food stamps and meals on wheels who are left without food. Lack of food causes people to get sick, and this increases the cost of healthcare rather than lessening the cost of healthcare. People are not willing to exist without productivity and accomplishment to save money. People are not willing to lose their health or their life to save money! We must invest in our people with money to cure illnesses so that we do not have to treat and care for the people who would no longer need treatment and care when the cure for the illness is found (Alzheimer’s is costing 260 billion dollars a year to treat now, that could be saved). Billions of dollars for infrastructure and the wall that could have billions of dollars lost somewhere with nobody knowing where the money is, rather than money invested in the people is making this president unpopular. People are starving and without any medical care (home health crookedly stops care to people who have 100% insurance) and when this president describes every wonderful lunch and dinner he is having, it is hurting him! The people advising President Trump do not know the issues! This is an open invitation to President Trump to call us for a complimentary consult to learn the issues and how to fix the people’s needs and accomplish this within a few days. We hope President Trump will read every word of this website because to save money on healthcare this website gives examples (there are many more) of how not to get sick in the first place and how not have the accident in the first place which are the two best ways to save money on healthcare. The people want the president to be the president of the people and their needs and the lies in the news by political leadership is hurting this president. A complimentary consult will give this president immediate lasting overnight popularity and will accomplish his campaign promises now. The Medicare bank that pays for crime and wrong items and does not pay for correct items must be overhauled, not protected, and healthcare, jobs now, the economy and unreported topics are so easy once you are at start!

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